Flood Brook installs Energi Prime System

LONDONDERRY - Flood Brook School is thrilled to announce that installation of the EnergiPrime fitness stations is complete. On the weekend of Sept 21, an outstanding team of staff and community members worked on the first phase of a new playground project. They dug 18" wide by 14ft deep holes, poured concrete and assembled structures.

The endeavor was funded through a generous personal donation by Barry and Wendy Rowland, as part of a $105,000 challenge grant they offered for a new playground. Envisioned is a space that encourages physical and imaginative activities adding to the already exceptional woods trails and walking track surrounding the school. Additional donations were provided by Londonderry Hardware contributing 2.5 tons of concrete and by Brown Enterprises lending out heavy equipment.

All students, families and community members are welcome to use the equipment on school grounds and parents may use it during the school day. In total, the five stations offer 120 different exercises. The goal is for the track and fitness equipment to provide many years of health to all members of the Mountain Towns community.

A huge thanks to Mark Weikert, Jon Mowry, John Ogden, John Birch, Will Reed, Jeff Cavagnino, Roz Klezos, Michael Kelley, Karen MacAllister, Greg Harrington, Jackie Wiley, Steve Brown, Graham MacKugler, Jason Klezos, the Chartier Family, Chad Stoddard, Sarah Reed, Karol Allen, and Matt and Tyson from Ultiplay for helping in this worthwhile endeavor.


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