Filibuster Myths

To the Editor:

I read Mr. Hoffman's letter to the editor titled "Calling Sen. Leahy," and it reminded me of a TV interview between John Stewart and Nancy Pelosi, wherein he asked her: "Why did the House in her last two years of her control not even try to pass a federal budget?" Pelosi's answer was: "Because the Republicans would have filibustered."

The true fact was there was no filibuster because no budget was ever introduced.

There was not even a threat to filibuster, but, because she believed that there would be, she neglected what is the single most important duty of the House - to craft and pass a budget for the Federal Government.

There was no threat to filibuster as I said because it can't happen.

Under House and Senate Rules, budget bills can not be filibustered, and they must be brought to a vote and pass by a simple majority - this is the simple fact.

Another reason why there was no threat to filibuster the budget because filibusters are forbidden in the House. Debate can be cut off at any time by a simple majority vote on any proposed bill including budgets, again, which are passed by the a simple majority vote.

Mr. Hoffman states that Republicans have: "In the U. S. Senate. . . . effectively barred debate, substituted minority rule for majority rule, and left serious national problems unaddressed." This allegation should be investigated thoroughly and each incident specified in detail.

Also, let's ennumerate the many bills passed by the House that were submitted to the Senate for a vote - which vote was denied by leader, Sen. Reid.

A further note, two of these bills denied a vote in the Senate by Reid were by Reps. Cantor and Ryan, and were solutions to solve the current sequestration dilemma.

Perry Green



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