Farewell to the British School of Falconry

To the Editor;

This past weekend The New York Times published an article about 36 hours in Manchester. A great plug for the town and surrounding area. It was interesting that the first event the writer noted was The British School of Falconry.

How ironic, when this cherished and unique institution no longer exists in our hometown. Sadly, Hildene decided not to permit the Equinox Resort to house the British School of Falconry on their premises on River Road any longer and HEI, owners of the Equinox Resort, decided not to find another location for them. I am sure the vagaries of business dictate such a decision. It's probably not cost efficient. It probably doesn't generate enough revenue.

Tragically, however, our feathered friends have left our home -- and with it a unique and distinctive experience that exists no where else in the States. Emma & Steve Ford did a wonderful thing by bringing the Falconry to Manchester. It provided an exceptional experience to anyone who had the pleasure of visiting the school. It set Manchester and The Equinox apart and offered a remarkable glimpse into the world of these amazing creatures. I am sorry they have flown the coop as it were -- and I for one am sad to see them go. I am sorrier still that we never really had a chance to say goodbye to these noble birds who for so long gave our town something other than a discount coupon and 30% off sale to be proud of.

Paul Wheeler



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