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The Windham-Bennington-Wind sor state representative race is more critical than some might think. Our incumbent representative, Republican Oliver Olsen, has decided not to run again; subsequently, voters must choose between two new candidates - my opponent, Tim Goodwin, and I - both of whom are running as Independents.

Since voters are going to be electing a freshman state representative for the Windham-Bennington-Windsor seat, this year, it's important that that person has the relevant experience and knowledge to hit the ground running on day one.

I'm the candidate with the business acumen, management skills, diplomacy and a far-reaching relationship with the community that is vital to the position.

For the last 10 years - in addition to running a full time farm business, and a part-time educator - I've served as the vice president of Bowen Wharf Co., a commercial property management company based in Newport, R.I. The company manages a collection of shops, restaurants, offices, and a marina on its historic waterfront. As vice president, I'm tasked with participating in the approval and responsible expenditure of our annual million-dollar budget, which has always been balanced during my time on the board.

I'm also responsible for motivating and assisting in the contemporary branding of the wharf, which is fully rented, with some 45 tenants. And as a vice-president, other directors frequently contact me for input on how to attract new tenants and expand business. My position also requires that I play a key role in establishing and maintaining positive tenant relations.

My business knowledge, mediating abilities, and planning skills are all relevant to the issues that I will have to undertake as an Independent legislator.

I also have experience collaborating with Republican, Democratic and Progressive representatives in Montpelier, having helped create legislation for the Vermont Farmers Markets (Act 109). I feel I have already made good connections during my campaign with some current legislators, and I am grateful that they have these things to say about me:

"I have come to know Emmett as a thoughtful person with a very constructive history, contributing to the positive evolution of the agricultural sector, a true bright spot in Vermont's economy both in his own business and his role in creating farmers markets."

-Senator Bob Hartwell

"What struck me the most [about Emmett] was his energy and willingness to think outside of the box. Vermont faces serious challenges and I believe the skills I observed will be an asset to the work of the Vermont Legislature."

-Representative Ann Manwaring

"He [Emmett] has the background and the personality to actually bring other representatives together on important issues instead of dividing them. That's the Vermont way and it's also why his district will be so fortunate to have Emmett as its next State Representative."

-Representative Dick Marek

Note, too, though, that I've also served on number of other boards and held other senior planning and leadership positions.

While I was board president for the West River Farmers' Market in Londonderry-where I also sold products from my land, Anjali Farm-we doubled the number of vendors from 20 to 40, and gross sales from $200,000 to $400,000 per season. Now the market has over 60 members and reaches $900,000 in sales, and it's a leading market in the State. I am the founder and current director of the Vermont Farm Trail, an agri-tourism and food product marketing cooperative. I helped create the Farmers' Market Association of Vermont as a founding co-chair of the board and founded the Manchester Farmers Market. All of these efforts helped foster and grow a sustainable local economy.

Currently I am the board secretary at the West River Montessori School, where, during my time, we were able to complete over $60,000 of building improvements, double our staff and become fully enrolled.

So, not only do I have experience as a senior board member and in decision-making roles, I'm the only candidate who has actually had his feet on the ground, participating in and fostering the growth of local economies and development.

On Nov. 6, please vote for me, for the kind of personal and practical experience that really counts. As your Representative, I will be attentive, aware and realistic in my approach.

Emmett Dunbar Independent Candidate for State Representative - Jamaica - Stratton - Winhall - Londonderry - Weston


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