'Eat more Kale' to get local boost

MANCHESTER - Even more kale is headed to the Manchester Farmer's Market next week. Krysta Piccoli, the market manager, invited Bo Muller-Moore, of Eat More Kale fame to the community tent at the market. All it took was a Facebook message.

"I've been following him for a while," she said. "I offered him a spot at the market. He's pretty psyched."

Piccoli said he will be in the community tent, where the market offers space to non-profits. He will be at the market to raise awareness and money surrounding his legal battle with Chik-fil-A. Chik-fil-A has argued that Muller-Moore's slogan, "Eat More Kale" is trademark infringement of their trademarked slogan "Eat Mor Chikin."

Muller-Moore said in an interview that his legal battle is two-pronged: a cease and desist order and the trademark battle.

"For me to truly cease and desist, I need a federal court injunction," he said. "The legal experts said I called their [Chik-fil-A's] bluff."

As for the trademark, Muller-Moore is looking to trademark his slogan, Eat More Kale and protect it from others trying to print it on t-shirts. He said about three or four times per year, he has to hire a lawyer to protect his product against "Johnny come latelys" who are trying to sell a remarkably similar product.

His trademark battle is ongoing with Chik-fil-A. There have been two preliminary hearings where the U.S. Patent and Trademark office have ruled in favor of Chik-fil-A.

"The trademark office is leaning towards Chik-fil-A, but they have not come up with a final decision," he said. "It's taken an absurdly long time ... it is approaching three years, [and is] usually decided in three months."

Muller-Moore does not know why the decision has taken so long, but he said he thinks due to the social media and the prominence of his legal battle, the office may be trying to stave off embarrassment.

When visiting the farmer's market, Muller-Moore is looking forward to be out of his studio and selling person to person, instead of over the Internet. He said he hasn't done something like this is nearly three years.

"I'll be packing fairly light, but I'll have a good selection of Eat More Kale shirts. Not a truck load, but maybe a trunk load," he said. "I'll also be passing out free Eat More Kale bumper stickers."

He said it is exciting to get out for a trip to Manchester. Many people don't ask him to do events like this, so when Piccoli asked, he said he would do it.

"I thought, wouldn't it be nice to get to go to Manchester," he said.

The community tent has more fun events coming up this year, she said. Every week, a new non-profit or group will be represented.

"Unplugged, a local organization will be coming...they encourage kids to unplug. Go outside and do things," she said.

The Manchester 2020 river walk committee will have space in the tent, as well as Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Piccoli said there will also be cooking demonstrations on Sept. 11 to cook with local food. All the events she said are free and open to the public. Kids day will be Aug. 14, where kids can come and sell their wares. Piccoli said they can come and sell whatever they have made or grown.

So far this year, she said the market has been extremely successful.

"It's our busiest year since we moved to Adams Park," she said. "We've actually been full on a couple occasions.


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