Dunbar offers solutions

To the Editor:

The Oct. 25 Candidates Forum at the Winhall Library gave folks a chance to hear from the two gentlemen running for state representative for London, Jamaica, Stratton, Winhall and Weston. There are many concerns in this diverse district, but the priority issue is property taxes. Tim Good win and Emmett Dunbar both believe that Act 60/68 in its current form is hurting our district, but they differ on what they think can be done about it.

While Goodwin stressed his ability to understand the numbers and meaning of several acronyms and jargon, Emmett was the one who actually offered ideas about how to change the way Vermont treats its "gold towns." For one, he argued that we should get some relief from hosting large resorts with very expensive real estate. This, Emmett explained, drives up our property values and taxes and ultimately sends a much greater share of education dollars to Montpelier.

With his involvement in helping grow a number of farmers markets and the local food economy, Emmett has proven he can work to bring people together.

This will be critical to getting other Legislators to pay attention to our priority issue. Emmett will bring our concerns to Montpelier and be able to offer a fresh approach to working with all sides. We are excited about voting for Emmett, an Independent candidate, for the Vermont House of Representatives.

Darlene and Ernie Palola Winhall


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