DRB reviews plans for Movado building; outdoor seating

MANCHESTER - The Design Review and the Development Review Board met Wednesday night to address items from outdoor seating to a complete building expansion.

Craig Hunter, Director of Facilities at Manchester Designer Outlets, brought for review the extension of the Movado building at 4746 Main Street. They are looking to double the size of the building, from 1,425 square feet to 2,980 square feet. The extension would bring the building into more of an L shape.

"It has been a difficult building to lease because of the size," Hunter said. "It's not very big. [The expansion] would make a more updated, leasable building."

In addition to the extension, Hunter explained that they would be increasing the green space of the land by almost 23 percent. The trees along the road that are already in place would not be moved, because he considered them to be in good shape.

The color of the building would remain as it is now; the extension would not be of a different color and they are not repainting the entire building. However, Hunter explained that if they do decide to change the color then they will come back with an amendment.

After approval from the DRB, the expansion plans will have to apply for Act 250 status. This is because of a court case in 1993, when the parcel was originally allocated to Timberland.

"The planning commission granted at that time, the use of second floor space in what was the Timberland building," said Zoning Administrator Lee Krohn at the meeting. "It didn't require more parking because they didn't believe that adding a second floor of the same store was going to change how the customers came to it."

The case was appealed, won in court, and the judge ruled that they couldn't waive all the required parking and another lot was built in back. It now is used mostly for overflow parking.

There are currently 23 parking spaces, but after the expansion there will be 18 left; their active square-footage only requires them to have 15 parking spaces.

The Design Review Board recommended the approval of the expansion. However, the Development Review Board had concerns over the style of windows that were being proposed. After a discussion over the usage of divided light, or clear glass windows, they approved the designs. However, if they decide to change anything in the plans, including the windows, they will come back before the board.

The Development Review Board also heard a presentation from homeowners on Winter Street looking for a waiver of their setback from the street.

They explained that the house is only 18x20, and that they are interested in building an addition to increase the functionality of the house and allow for more usable space. The house is currently 34 feet from the centerline, but the property line extends all the way to six feet from the centerline. The addition would place them within 17 feet from the road.

After going through the five criteria, the board motioned to close the item and informed the owners that they would be receiving a written statement from the board within two weeks.

Two instances of outdoor dining were brought before the Design Review Board - one for Little Rooster Cafe and another for Spiral Press Cafe.

Little Rooster was looking to implement three tables with four chairs at each table, totaling 12 seats. The tables would be placed in the grass, and there will be measures in place to make sure that the grass is not affected by the weight of the tables or the increased traffic. They were also looking to add wrought iron fence posts with chains between each post.

The design was approved by the board.

The addition of outdoor seating to Spiral Press was also discussed last week at the Select Board meeting. They were approved by the board, and the Town Manager, to use a portion of the sidewalk for two two-top tables. They would still be leaving enough room that is legally required by the ADA, as well as adding ballers and a bicycle rack.

The board approved the sidewalk seating outside of the cafe.

Gringo Jack's came to the board with an application to change the color of the shutters and doors of their building. The color would match the shade of their sign. The board approved of the change.

The Northshire Baptist Fellowship presented their application to add five overhangs to doorways that are currently unprotected from the elements, including rain and snow falling from the roof.


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