Dorset Town Meeting voting results


Selectboard - 3 year term

Michael Connors -355

John Stannard -384

Selectboard 1-year term (top two vote getters win)

Henry Chandler - 527

Dan Frost - 340

Megan Thorn - 409

School Director - 2 year term

Vickie Haskins - 576

3-year term

Jennifer Allen - 601

Moderator - 1 year term

Kevin O'Toole - 683

First Constable 1-year term\

Ryan Mattieson 609

Town agent 1-year term

Kevin O'Toole 669

Lister 1-year term

Peter Trifari 561

Town Articles

town budget --PASSED 638-74

Five year exemption for Wilson House property tax exemption - PASSED 545-183

Eliminate office of town auditor - PASSED 555-132

sCHOOL BUDGET - passed 555-132



Hillary Clinton 104

Bernie Sanders 404


Ted Cruz 15

John Kasich 93

Marco Rubio 55

Donald Trump 104


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