Dorset holds 'Crime Watch' meeting

DORSET- A meeting held Wednesday night at the Dorset Community Church drew an overflowing crowd to inform area citizens - especially those residing on or around Dorset West Road - about a neighborhood watch program being implemented.

The program, which will start immediately, will provide a link to their neighbors and law enforcement officials, police hope. The program aims to control the spread of rumors by providing accurate information to all who participate. The collection of information will also assist law enforcement by providing immediate details of patterns of behavior, what event has taken place, and hopefully photographs.

Susan Weiss was one of the organizers who was active in getting the program up and running and seems confident that this program will work.

"What the watch program does is it offers several things to the neighborhood," said Weiss. "First of all it is a line of communication to and from your section captain. It's a link to law enforcement and the town center. It's a way in which to communicate and also to receive information back on what is happening."

Those involved seem be believe it's is only a matter of time until the program provides benefits to the Dorset community.

"We are all in this together and if we keep our heads up and use the system that we are trying to put into place we will see results," said Rob Gaiotti, Dorset's town manager.

Lieutenant Reginald Trayah of the Vermont State Police also took part in explaining how local law enforcement will be involved in the program.

"We have a detective that has temporarily been assigned to our barracks to solely focus on the burglaries," Trayah said, "The Southern Traffic Safety Team as been assigned to assist in this area...and will focus on the west side [of Dorset] and their secondary mission is to when they stop people to talk to them about these burglaries. The town has also assigned six additional contract patrols over the next [two months] and we will focus these solely on the west side."

The program is based on the Neighborhood Watch Manual provided by the Bureau of Justice Assistance which can be found online at

More details on this story will be available in next weeks publication of the Manchester Journal.


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