Doing Ok

To the Editor:

I am submitting this article, because of all the kindnesses that people are pouring out to me as I meet them at the store or post office, everyone is torn between time for it to come down, to "how are you doing."

It is a good time to let you all know that "I am actually more OK than I thought possible after "rescuing this very tired 1889 building.

In 1985, as buyers and my background as interior designer, we felt at that time "The Bones" of the Worthy Inn were well, and that the need was more for updating and design I must admit, it was not something I personally wanted to take on. . . but Jay was completely certain that this property was a great project for the likes of us. . Jay's background of finance and mine of design, was to be our dream the rest was our history of 23 years, and 19 national magazines, newspapers, proved him correct.

It has been hard for all in this community to see the years take its toll of sitting boarded up for five plus years. I am very aware of the process, as I was asked to attend a meeting of the design review board and the drawing of the building to be.

I was moved to tears to see how these folks had decided to make this building fit into the Village as no else could do. It is an exceptional design, and know that these people know what they are doing.

I feel that Herrmanns has done a excellent job of the taking down of this huge building, I decided to put myself there to be aware of the dry rot, and instability of this property, it helped me truly understand the what needed to be done.

A very impressive, graceful "new and welcoming" site will be the delight to Manchester Village.

I have painted three paintings over the years, I have these in Giglees. Prints on canvas to remember what it was like with flowers, rocking chairs, etc.

Lizanne (Anne) Degen



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