Doing business

To the Editor:

In last week's issue, Mr. Dubrow made statements regarding the proposed Subway in Manchester. I will not speak to the issue as to whether or not people like, or will want to eat at Subway. It's best to let the public decide their preferences. Obviously, it is my hope that people will support this new business much like they have supported all the other businesses in Manchester; new and old.

Mr. Dubrow claims while referring to myself and my partners that "Appears to be another scheme by a developer to enrich himself, invent a bogus cover story and reduce the Vermontness of Manchester."

With all due respect to Mr. Dubrow, his assertions are grossly inaccurate.

My partners and I bought this shopping center, because it was nearly vacant, in poor repair and not serving Manchester very well at all.

I live in the town and yes I am a developer and purchase property in hopes of making a profit one day. That's what investors and developers do. I would hope that the people of Manchester would prefer that someone from Manchester is willing to risk his capital to improve a declining property that was previously owned by a developer that may not have had the same level of concern for the town.

It's simply a matter of doing business where I live. Most communities would think that this is a positive thing and would not consider it a "scheme."

Ed Dublois

Equinox Square Associates


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