Digital Dish: Feline hijinks all the rage on the Web


I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects: cats. Seriously, if you wanted to talk to me about only cats, we'd be at it for hours. They're furry, lazy, hyper little things that bring joy to so many lives -- or misery, depending on allergies or some terrible past incident with a cat.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks cats are the best things ever invented. The whole Internet world seems to think so, too. If you've been online in the past couple of years, you've seen the overgrowth of cat photo albums being shared on Facebook. Or the random cat videos that have overtaken YouTube. Or the Reddit thread of pure cats ( You may have gotten photos or videos shared on your smartphone featuring a friend's cat doing something hilarious.

So why are cats all the rage and not dogs? Or hamsters? Or piglets? All are pretty adorable, but the Internet seems to have taken quite the shine to felines.

In my professional cat-loving opinion, I think it's because cats don't give a hoot. You can pile books on them while they sleep. Don't care. Dangle a string in front of them. They play with it, then quickly stop caring. They lay and dine and mess your stuff up whenever they want. But we still love them.

Our love for them continues in the forms of photos or gifs or 5-minute long videos and Vines because they do what we can't do: Not care what anyone else thinks or does.

But the question remains: Why does the Internet favor kitties over pups? Why do we even care? Plenty of people hate cats. Dogs are super loyal and they do funny stuff, too.

Maybe it's because cats can climb walls or suggestively pose from scenes of "Titanic" unknowingly (, or because they really have no frame of reference for their existence. To me, that's great, and I live vicariously through my cat, Bearclaw, and his ability to only care about going outside and eating kitty vitamins.

Even our Berkshire readers love cats. I recently asked people on The Eagle's Facebook page to share photos of their adopted cats in honor of Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat month, and the response was a bit overwhelming ( More than 30 photos were submitted of posed felines and impromptu shots of unsuspecting cats. People shared stories of how, when and where they adopted their cat(s), and why they love them so much.

For all you dog fans out there, the Internet has enough photos and videos to share with you, too.

But fact remains: The cat continues to be the ruler of Internet animals.


Do you have a beloved cat in your life and want to share a photo or video with us? Feel free to post it on our Facebook page ( or email it to me at

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