Despite recount setback, Smith runs as write-in

MANCHESTER - Annette Smith, who lost the Progressive Party nomination for Governor by one vote in September, has announced that she will run as a write-in.

Smith, a Danby resident, lost the Progressive Party nomination in a recount on Sept. 14 to Martha Abbott. That has given her the confidence to run as a write-in for Vermont State Governor, she said.

"After being drafted as a write-in for the Progressive Party, I was encouraged by the wide variety of people who want to see real change in Vermont," Smith said. "From the federal mandates for the school lunch program or enforced vaccinations to corporate ridgeline wind and smart meters, Vermonters are clamoring for local control and to have a say in what goes on in their communities, homes, and lives."

Smith is the co-founder and executive director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment (VCE), which is a statewide, non-profit organization founded in 1999 and advocates that Vermont's economic health depends on its environmental health.

This grassroots organization receives the majority of its funding from citizens, with additional foundation support.

Smith has worked as a seamstress, technical typist, harpsichord maker, small business owner, and is a practicing farmer who raises pigs, chickens, and Jersey cows at her off-the-grid sustainable farm in Danby.

Smith's success as a mediator has given her the capacity to see hotly debated issues from many sides, and to facilitate solutions-oriented outcomes that protect and enhance Vermonters' ability to maintain local control over our own collective destiny, she said.

"My approach to leadership is more about enabling relationships that encourage finding solutions than dictating what people should do," she says. "Vermonters want more input into decisions being made that are directly impacting their lives."

Smith will be participating in a debate on October 11 in Bennington with Randy Brock, who is running for the governorship as a Republican.

"I am looking forward to a vigorous discussion of the issues facing Vermonters with Randy Brock," said Smith. "While Governor Shumlin has declined, I think it serves voters well to be able to see two intelligent and engaged Vermonters flesh out the challenges Vermont faces. To prepare, I've been learning about some issues with which I have only passing familiarity. I am expecting to have some fun, and to have a great discussion."


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