DCF overhaul needed

To the Editor:

We don't need anymore Senate meetings and committees to decide what to do about the Department of Children and Families here in Vermont. This highly dysfunctional child welfare department is completely out of step with the best interests of children. They have done things that are so contrary to every basic rule of good casework that the only solution is to disband the entire dept. and start over from scratch. It's time to replace the commissioner and deputy commissioner and just about all of the supervisors. As a 20-year veteran of social services in Vermont I have forgotten more about child abuse and neglect intervention than any of these so called child welfare experts will ever understand.

When I was a social worker we did things according the our training by the American Humane Association, not by some bureaucrats idea of casework. Let's bring some sanity back into this dept and clean house now!

Tom King



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