Danby voters to eye town hall, firetruck

DANBY - The Danby annual town meeting and town school district meetings will be held on March 4 at Currier Memorial School beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The Danby town warning sees a number of important articles including a presentation of a possible relocation or rehabilitation of the town office and a vote to allocate $25,000 per year for the next eight years to purchase a new fire truck pumper for the Danby and Mount Tabor Volunteer Fire Department.

During a Select Board meeting on January 3, board members decided a cost analysis should be completed to estimate the cost of upgrading the town offices. There are three options.

The first involves analyzing the costs of renovating the Holy Trinity Church into a town office. Chip Wright, the chairman of Danby's Select Board, said that about three years ago the church closed and was offered to the town. The second option would explore upgrading of the current town offices. A third option would look into the cost of starting from scratch and building a new town offices building.

"There is going to be a presentation on that during town meeting," Wright said. "A general review of what we have looked at so far will be discussed along with what our options could be, one either renovating current offices and the second would be acquiring the [Holy Trinity] Church."

Wright said that during town meeting they are looking to see from voters what option they should pursue and then they can move on in that particular direction. Wright said that the option of building from scratch is less likely, but is a possibility.

Town meetings are held at the town offices, not the Town Hall located at Danby Four Corners. Wright said this building is not used much with the exception of Town Meeting and other events such as weddings and parties. If they renovate the church or the town offices it seems likely town hall could be sold, he said.

One article on the Town Warning asks voters to allocate $25,000 per year for the next eight years to purchase a new fire truck water pump for the Danby, Mount Tabor Volunteer Fire Department.

"According to the people in the fire company, the pumper they have is really, really old and they desperately need something much better than that," Wright said. "They got the new fire truck about four years ago and it makes sense that they should keep it in good shape and upgrade where they need to."

Danby is presenting the town report differently from past years. This year's budget numbers are much more exact, down to the penny. Past years had only even numbers for dollar amounts, something Wright said the Select Board wanted to change.

Wright said that they have worked hard to make the town report easier to read, flow better, and be clearer to the reader what exactly is going on in the town.

Danby changed the way they presented to budget about a year an a half ago to the NEMRC System as requested by the state, said Wright. That change has helped with the organization of town funds since it was implemented.

The NEMRC system stands for the New England Municipal Resource Center. Their goal is to provide technological and management resources to municipalities, schools, and non-profits. Products and services they provide include municipal software, one on one training, consulting, and support.

There are also a couple of contested races in the Town of Danby this year. A 3-year select board seat is up for grabs between Steve Hanines and Dan Garceau. There is also a race for Town Auditor between Margery Abbott and Richard Smith.


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