Curves offers holiday dieting tips

Katie Mitchell, director of fitness, and Amanda Turner, registered dietitian (RD), with Curves International, Inc. offer the following tips to help stay on track with food and health goals:

1.) Eat before you go to a party: Never go to a party hungry. Eating a high-fiber or protein-based snack like a turkey rollup and an apple will help fill you up and ensure your blood sugar levels stay consistent - preventing over indulgence in calorie-laden party foods. Simply take 4 ounces of turkey slices and 2 tsp. of whole grain mustard, spread the mustard on the turkey, roll and enjoy. Slice up an apple if you are still hungry. Once at the party, make sure to drink a glass of water before you grab a plate.

2.) Bring your own healthy item: When you are invited to a party, take a healthy dish with you. This will ensure there is at least one healthy food option at the party.

3.) Measure your portions: Using measuring cups and spoons, rather than eye-balling and guessing, will help with portion control. If you are out and about and can't measure, use these basic measurement estimators: A fist equals 1 cup; a palm sized portion equals approximately 4 ounces of a meat portion; a portion the size of a deck of cards equals 3 ounces of meat; a portion the size of the tip of the thumb equals 1 tbsp, a portion the size of the tip of a pinky equals 1 tsp, a portion the size of a tennis ball equals 1 fruit serving; a portion the size of a golf ball sized portion equals 2 tbsp.

4.) Keep a food diary: Keeping a food diary, either online or in a journal, can help you keep track of your weight-loss goals. In fact, some research has shown that those who keep a food journal lose up to twice as much weight. Recording your food intake can also help you think twice about that extra serving of mashed potatoes at dinner. Be sure to enter your food intake online right after a meal or event.

5.) Avoid liquid calories: Liquid calories do not satisfy your hunger as much as solid foods. It is best to choose calorie-free beverages like water, unsweetened-tea, black coffee, and seltzer water for beverages. If you plan to drink alcohol, limit yourself to one 5 oz. glass of wine, a 12 oz. beer, or a small cocktail with 1 oz. of liquor. If you prefer mixed drinks, try a calorie free mixer like soda water with lemon or lime wedges, crystal light, or diet options rather than regular options.

6. ) Add activity: Look for efficient and effective workouts. Seek a fitness program that combines strength training with cardio - you need it all in order to protect and increase muscle, burn fat, strengthen the heart and lungs, and promote flexibility.


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