Craft Fair disappointing

To the Editor:

Manchester Fall Arts and Crafts Festival this weekend was extremely disappointing. My daughter is a local artist and paid a steep entry fee to be there as a vendor.

It is terribly unorganized and the vendors are jammed in together. The program map missed vendors altogether and has vendors included who canceled months ago.

But the most disappointing, is that the whole fair is a lie.

The craft producers website says besides buying from the actual artists and artisans of the goods and supporting a localvore economy, customers get to meet and chat with them . . .

The festival was not juried and, indeed there are vendors selling items imported from China. My pillow is certainly not art or local, nor did the person manning the booth have anything to do with making them.

It is very disappointing to actual artists and local food vendors to be told they are part of a wonderful local artists festival and find someone selling dollhouses made in China and items made in a factory that is not even located in Vermont or even the Northeast?

Karen Krasny Rupert


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