Contract awarded for Kelly Stand repairs

SUNDERLAND - On Monday night, the Sunderland Select Board made decisions on their two upcoming major projects: their Town Hall and the Kelley Stand road repair.

The contract for the Kelley Stand project is not finalized, and they are awaiting a final permit from the state, but Selectboard Chairman Mark Hyde said that they have awarded a contractor through the bidding process.

J.A. McDonald, Inc., based in Lyndon Center, submitted the winning bid of $3,589,966, and will be doing the work on the damaged road.

The road was all but completely washed away because of Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, and the repairs will require "extensive work," according to Hyde.

"The road is completely gone in some places," he said. "There is even blasting involved in one section."

They hope to begin work on the road within the month. The project completion date was initially expected to be sometime in December 2013, but based on the amount of work that needs to be done the date has been extended to Sept. 15, 2014.

"September is the date for substantial completion," Hyde said, "but the full completion date is October 15."

At the same time, the Battenkill Watershed Alliance will be working on the lower Kelley Stand. They will be completing a trout habitat restoration, which was approved by the board Monday night.

The trout habitat restoration will not interfere with the road work, and neither will the road work come close to where they are working with the trout.

Town officials in Sunderland have also been moving ahead on the construction of its town hall, following voter approval of the financing of the project at last March's town meeting. Site plans were posted on their website in October 2012.

The bulk of the cost of the town hall - about $351,000 - will be bonded over the next 20 years, and the remainder will be coming from a Reserve Fund.

The building will be 3,000 square feet, but according to their plans the Sunderland Elementary School gymnasium will continue to hold their meetings. In a similar fashion as the repairs for the Kelley Stand project, the contract for construction on the Town Hall will be done through bidding.

"We're currently waiting on the civil engineers," Hyde said. "We're hoping by mid-August that we can put [the Town Hall] bidding up."

Before the bidding can be opened, however, they are working on a consolidation of their contract. Currently, they have two different contracts - one for the civil engineer to work on the driveway, wastewater, and so on, and one for the architect to work on the rest of the plans for the building - that they are planning on combining into one.

"We want to have the architect be responsible for the civil engineering as well," Hyde said.

They are currently waiting on word from Green Mountain Power before they can put the final touches on the consolidation, and then the contract for bidding.

"We're close, but not quite there," Hyde said.

Also on the agenda at the meeting was the issue of what to do when the town renews its insurance.

"We are going to find out if we have to join the healthcare exchange... or if we can just renew our current insurance," Hyde said.

They discussed their options, and then authorized John French to contact their town insurance provider to see what their options are.

"We hope to have a decision by our next meeting," Hyde said.

Their next selectboard meeting is set for August 5, where they hope to have their insurance information settled as well as the completed contract for the Town Hall construction.


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