Conservation Commission announces timber sale

LONDONDERRY - The Londonderry Conservation Commission is announcing two planned timber sales both of which will be done on Town property in Londonderry, namely Pingree Park and the Shamberg Property.

In preparation for both jobs the logger, John Adler of Eagle Forest Improvements, Inc. who bought the sale and will be doing the cutting this winter, will start some hand felling before the ground freezes at both sites.

At Pingree Park the timber is White Pine while the Shamberg Property has a variety of hard and soft woods.

Pages 27 and 28 of the Shamberg Property management plan read as follows: "The majority of this one hundred and one acre property is comprised of a hemlock/mixed wood forest type. Hemlock and red maple are the most common tree species. Sizes range from small diameter to large diameter trees depending on age, stand history and soil productivity. The largest trees are scattered hemlock and red maple with a pocket of large diameter pine in the south east corner of the parcel. Stands of yellow birch and beech are also present. Dense stands of vigorous trees are found on the better soils."

With regard to the guidelines that will be followed in doing the actual work of logging, the general management plan for Shamberg has this to say, "This area will be managed for timber production and the creation/enhancement of wildlife habitat mainly through group and individual tree selection harvests. Areas within the stand that have pockets of regeneration are well suited to uneven-aged management. High quality mast producing trees such as American beech, black cherry and red oak will be released to strengthen seed production and promote tree growth." (A "mast tree" is one that produces nuts and berries that can be eaten by wildlife. ) "Large mast trees such as red oak and black cherry are less common, but retention of these species will be important to wildlife objectives."

The estimated total of saw timber to be cut at both sites is 129 board feet. The estimated total of firewood/pulpwood is 259 cords. Adler, who is doing the cutting, is the senior instructor/owner of Northeast Woodland Training's Game of Logging, a business that is not associated with this sale according to Sam Schneski, the forester for Windham and Windsor counties.


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