Concerned about gas prices

To the Editor:

The escalating gas prices of late have been of great concern as it has had a devastating impact on the average person's budget. Although the prices are largely determined by the commodity markets, you would imagine that Vermont would have more competitive gas prices than neighboring states since the Vermont sales tax on gasoline is on the bottom third of nationwide lists of all other states.

For comparison, New York state tax is 49.6 cents per gallon, while Vermont's tax is 26.6 cents per gallon. And anyone who has traveled to New York state recently will note that the difference in price is not that great. Vermont gas prices used to be below the national average but lately it is close to or above the national average.

I have contacted Gov. Shumlin's office on several occasions but I have never been offered an explanation verbally or in writing. The fact that they choose to ignore this budget busting issue tells me that it is time for a change of administration in Montpelier.

Recently Bernie Sanders has taken up this issue and has noted the gouging of Vermont drivers on gas prices and has taken steps to find out why this situation is allowed to exist. I would advise everyone to contact his office to find out how far his investigation is progressing.

Edmund Tomey Dorset


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