Concerned about departing chairman

To the Editor:

Today I have strong concerns about the chairman of the planning commission. I ask the select board to relieve Mr. Drunsic of the planning commission and appoint a temporary chairman. I ask that the select board and the town fathers of Manchester have a meeting and appoint a permanent chairman to finish out Mr. Drunsic's term as chairman of the planning commission as Mr. Drunsic is not acting in a neutral position while he sits as the chairman of the planning commission.

Mr. Drunsic has stepped outside of the box as chairman by filing an appeal against Starbucks. To begin with, Mr. Drunsic has changed his reasons to why he had filed the appeal and counter appeals against Starbucks. Mr. Drunsic comes out to say that Starbucks would hurt his local business that he owns if Starbucks allowed to open up in Manchester. Mr. Drunsic, chairman of the planning commission, has created a serious conflict of interest for town Government and for the tax payers of Manchester. Anyone that sits on any of the boards and that is involved in making decisions that would be in the best interest for the Town of Manchester and the tax payers should not be allowed to file appeals under any circumstances while one holds a seat on a town board. Board members should remain as a neutral party when a conflict of interest comes into play with board members.

Mr. Drunsic has demonstrated as chairman of the planning commission poor judgment and shown a lack ability to lead the planning commission as a fair and balanced chairman, knowing himself that board members should remain as neutral. Mr. Drunsic has no special privileges to step over the line and file an appeal just because no one else would file an appeal against Starbucks. Mr. Drunsic actions only show disrespect to the other planning commission members as well as disrespect to the DRV and DRB board members by trying to override the DRV and DRB decision of there letting the application of Starbucks to move forward. I believe that the people of the Town of Manchester would want all board members to be neutral, fair, open minded and respectful of each boards decision once they are made.

If Mr. Drunsic is allowed to get away with this, then the select board opens the doorway for other current and future board members to follow suit to over step their positions and create conflicts of interest for the Town of Manchester, which not be in the best interest and for the future of the Town of Manchester. Manchester needs a chair of the planning commission to be fair for the people, balanced for the people and neutral for the people.

Skip King


Editor's note: Mr. Drunsic is leaving the commission. For details see article on Page 2A.


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