Complaints, complaints


To the Editor:

A bonafide deal maker goes into a negotiation knowing the rules — so Trump whines and complains that the system is rigged against him when he doesn't win delegates. He has no ground game to take advantage of the Republican Party primary election rules which have been in effect for over 160 years. Apparently Trump and his minions paid no attention to these rules when they started to play the game.

I think Cruz said it all in the debates — Cruz turned to Trump and commented that at one of Trump's rallies, he asked his audience to raise their hands and pledge allegiance to him. Cruz stated that Trump has it backwards, and that he considered the debates as a job interview.

"We (the candidates) are here pledging our support to you (the people), not the other way around. and the only hand raising that I'm interested in doing is on January 20, 2017, raising my hand with my left hand on the Bible and pledging to the American people to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Perry Green

Chairman, Manchester Republican Party


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