Class conflict


To the Editor:

The class conflict in Vermont could not be more apparent and obvious. Recent events in Vermont have shown that class conflict is everywhere. The killing of a Vermont State Social Worker and the response from the legislature are an examples. Lara Sobel was a state employee at DCF murdered at point blank range as she left her office. In child protective services workers require protection. Police need to be with workers confronting abusive parents and if threatened be there for security. That hasn't happened. If this had been a wealthy politician or lobbyist that was killed the response by authorities would have been quite different.

The recent vote by the House to kill the senate's legislation of marijuana bill is another example of class warfare. Well to do House members, with their lobbyist's backing, voted the bill down and left in place a law that allows for possession of pot, but no legal means to obtain it. If this had been liquor things would have been different. Parties around the state capital and drinking toasts by these same legislators and lobbyists involve booze. The people who use marijuana in Vermont are not wealthy politicians. They are lower class and lower middle class Vermonters. These same people have to pay $80 for a carton of cigs. The rich politicians and country club elites in Vermont do not smoke pot or cigs. They drink liquor and wine, both of which are legal, readily available and cheap. They make sure of that.

Senator Bernie Sanders has called for lifting the federal ban against marijuana. The Vermont House ignored this. Bernie has spoken at length about the class warfare in America. His "revolution" may never happen, but the changes that Bernie speaks of can take place right here in Vermont. Bernie's Medicare for all is an example. The current health care system in Vermont is costly and dysfunctional. Poor and middle class Vermonters are the people who use it, not state legislators. They have private health insurance. These examples are but a few of the many cases of class warfare in Vermont. Equality can and will someday happen. But, it will take a revolution!

Tom King



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