Cartoon credibility?

To the Editor:

The vicious and duplicitous propagandizing evident in the Manchester Journal's recent cartoon depicting the Tea Party people as a snarling vicious dog has confirmed, once again, for all to see, that truth is the most necessary and predictable casualty in the radical left wing's war against, well, against, everybody and everything they disagree with.

Never mind that every meeting or convocation of Tea Party members has been characterized by civil, well-spoken, respectful people, the people you rub elbows with in the supermarket, who broke no laws, littered no lawns, (actually always clean up after themselves) and started no fights - merely expressing their (gasp) First Amendment right to free speech and free assembly. Compare this to the Occupy movement's record of filth, violence and broken laws - oh, but who am I to fight propaganda with facts -I must be dreaming to even try.

You see, the radical left, which hates everything this country was founded on, whose patron saint is most likely Bill Ayers, he of the domestic bombings of the Pentagon and murder of policemen, cannot win the war of ideas and civil free speech. Therefore, along true Alinsky protocols, they merely seek to assassinate the characters of their opposition through lies, misrepresentations and the prime Alinskyite tool, ridicule, as in the ill-advised Journal cartoon.

Sorry, Saul Alinsky, (go ahead and Google him), you lose in the end.

However, it is a sad day when our local organ, the Manchester Journal, stoops to issuing such vile, hateful and lying propaganda - or has this once worthy and dependable chronicler been fully co-opted by the radical left? I guess if you are reading this, there is still hope.

Lawrence Zupan Manchester


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