Candidate withdraws from select board race

MANCHESTER - Stephen Drunsic, a candidate for the 2-year Select Board seat, has decided to pull his name from contention, changing what would have been a three-way race into a two-person contest between incumbent Carol Lattuga and hopeful Karen Geriak.

"I have made the decision to 'withdraw' from the race for the 2-year term understanding that it is not yet my time and that the more experienced candidate, Carol Lattuga, should have a more direct shot at that seat," said Drunsic, who also stated the same thought in a letter to the Journal.

Drunsic, 30, first wanted to run for the 3-year term against incumbent Steve Nichols, but decided to run for the 2-year term when Greg Cutler also decided to run for the 3-year seat.

"I basically have made the decision that it is best for me to step aside this round. I initially wanted to go up against Steve Nichols for the 3-year seat, but I deferred to Greg Cutler because I believe he is more deserving of it, he is more experienced," said Drunsic.

Still seeking a seat on the Select Board, Drunsic decided to enter his name into the 2-year seat race against Lattuga and Geriak. After more deliberation, Drunsic decided to pull his name from that race as well.

"So, that forced me to run for the 2-year seat against Carol Lattuga," Drunsic said. "I think to give Lattuga a more direct shot at the seat by removing myself from the race and supporting her, I think she deserves another 2-year term. In the meantime, build-up some more experience and then perhaps run in another two or three years."

Drunsic said that his time commitment towards his work was also a smaller factor in deciding to pull his name from the race.

"The other smaller issue is that I travel a lot for work and we have been very busy this year. That may have been an issue for me in terms of serving this term on the Select Board because of the time requirements," he said.

Drunsic's name, however, will still be on the ballot during Town Meeting, but he is urging people not to vote for him.

"While my name will still remain on the ballot, I urge whatever supporters I may have had to support Carol [Lattuga] for another term. I would also urge those same voters to support the 3-year candidate, Greg Cutler. I am confident, with the election of those two candidates, that the composition of the Select Board will be well-balanced and amply-experienced," he said.

In the future, Drunsic said that he would like to run again for any position on a board to help create a positive impact on the Town of Manchester.

"This decision [to withdraw for the 2-year race] was not made without careful deliberation, and I hope to have an opportunity to consider other positions that may become available on other important appointed board here in Manchester in the near future," he said.

Drunsic said he wanted to thank the people that took the time to help him get his name on the ballot.

"I greatly appreciate [their] support and hope to have the opportunity to channel that support in another productive manner," he said.


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