Campbell not yet a millionaire

Eamonn Campbell, a Columbia law student from Manchester, was a contestant on "Magical Family Getaway Week" on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," in the episode which aired Friday, May 3.

After the questions and monetary values were shuffled in Campbell's stack of questions, it was revealed that his eighth question would be his "Magical Family Getaway Week" Question. If he were to correctly answer his eighth question, he would win a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation for four. Campbell came close, but unfortunately had to bow out of the game after looking at his seventh question. He was out of lifelines and did not know the answer, so he decided to walk away with half of his accumulated Millionaire Bank, which had risen to $16,000. Campbell was able to take home $8,000 in winnings. If he had guessed incorrectly on the seventh question, he would have fallen back to $1,000 in winnings.


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