Bulls get loose


To the Editor:

At one time in Vermont there were more cows then people. This seemed rather funny until recently. Craig Mosher's charges for involuntary manslaughter are anything but funny. A man was killed when his car hit a bull belonging to Mosher that got loose. Is this a case of negligence or a case of a Vermont farmer and his cows where one got loose? The state of Ohio recently changed their laws regarding livestock getting loose and now a farmer can only be charged if it is proven that the owner behaved recklessly in allowing the animal free. Vermont law is about keeping and maintaining fences for livestock.

Livestock will get loose and that's a fact, especially in Vermont. Driving around the Vermont country side can be dangerous. At night the deer herds come out and walk right down the middle of the roads. People hit deer each year on the highways. They jump over the fences on I-89 and even moose are seen there. So, cows being on the roads in Vermont are not rare occurrences. It happens frequently, so watch out!

The political grandstanding that goes on in some cases is a fact too. D.A.'s are known to be political and get attention at times. Whether the Mosher case is about grandstanding or just a breakdown in communication is yet to be seen. But, it is in my mind one or the other. Paying a fine for your livestock getting loose is the normal outcome. In the meantime, if you see a bull moose or a bull in the road stop your car. This is Vermont, not NYC!

Thomas King



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