Beware the 'Orator'

To the Editor:

In these very political times, we must be wary of the "orator" whose words and phrases say very little, and tend to sway and mislead the uninformed majority. An excerpt from an early era of our country's history clarifies my concerns:

"And they loved him! it was beyond his wildest expectations. It was what his supporters had promised but he couldn't have imagined the impact, the swelling in his heart, the sheer animal joy of their love. Women were laughing and crying and men were cheering and waving their hats and wiping their eyes. So he handled the crowd and swept them along, he took their hands, he lead them toward a golden future and he had them laughing and crying and cheering all at once and then he brought it down to a close, low, serious, from his heart, and ended it while they still hungered for more.

Subtly, gracefully, his words actually chosen with great care, he let them know that this was important, that it was a start, that the best lay ahead, that he would be among them and beside them, that together he and they would be a part of a future that shone like sunrise. He set the idea, passing on nothing definite. No one could say what he meant in so many words, but he saw the comprehension on their faces, saw them nod, yes, and then a growing eagerness, yes, they had heard him.

So, another speech from the "orator" has been experienced.

Perry Green Manchester


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