'Best Friend'

To those who married and lost a friend,

Years down the road, your heart still aches,

It feels like the end.

Then a face appears, and you start to smile,

Thinking, I haven't felt like this in a while.

It begins as a friendship, share a laugh,

Then that feeling of love takes you down a path.

A new family develops, with understanding and love,

Sent with all the blessings from above.

Some think you should mourn for the rest of your life,

But, a wife needs a husband and a husband needs a wife.

I hope all those out there understand,

That some children or family members will try to control your plan.

They need to realize your partner died and you did not,

Those wonderful memories will not be forgot.

To have a new beginning and to move on,

Is mentally and physically healthy, and

Far from wrong!

Life is precious and I hope in the end,

Everyone out there gets to share it with their

Best friend.

Glenda "Coolidge" Kapusta Dorset


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