Benghazi and Mrs. Clinton


To the Editor:

Former Senator Hillary Clinton and former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton who quit that job after the Benghazi tragedy, has some explaining to do. The American people demand to hear from her, as she is the democratic nominee for president of the United States. She has to explain in no uncertain terms what her role was in the Benghazi tragedy. This is very important because the entire incident has been so murky and confusing that most people have no idea what really happened.

Our embassy was overrun by terrorists and our ambassador Christopher Stevens was brutally murdered and three other Americans killed in the attack. This attack was justification for a declaration of war against Libya. It happened on Hillary's watch as sec of state and then she quit. Now she wants to be president.

The best and most clear explanation so far is that our State Deptartment was not expecting this attack. While it is not clear why our embassy was not better protected, the sec of state was the person in charge of that. Where was she and why did she miss this radical Islamic terrorist group? Ambassador Christopher Stevens asked for more security and never got it. Why not? Security forces were either cut or never arrived. Please explain this Sec. Clinton. What was your role in this and why were you not more involved? As president of the United States Hillary Clinton will have to be ready to take responsibility and she will have to live by former American President Harry Truman's belief that "the buck stops here." No excuses or cover ups, just the plain simple truth. That's presidential.

Thomas King



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