Back when Dorset welcomed newcomers and businesses


To the Editor:

(From the March 6, 1945 Dorset town Report)

Art. 18 "Shall the voters of the Town of Dorset exempt for a period of five years the J.K. Adams Company taxes on its manufacturing plant?"

Motion made and seconded that this article be withdrawn from the warning relative to five years tax exemption on the J.K. Adams Manufacturing plant, by the personal request of Mr. Adams who stated in part, that while he thoroughly appreciated the good will that prompted the offer by the township, for his own part he had located his plant in Dorset because he liked the town and the people of the town and not with a view of any special privileges as taxes or otherwise. That he did not want to seem ungracious, but he had located in Dorset of his own free will and choice, and therefore the J.K. Adams Co. wished to carry its full share of the tax burden. Motion carried. Nora Gilbert, Acting Town Clerk.

Just to enlighten those who were not here at the time, the J.K. Adams Co. manufacturing plant was located in Clarence Blackmer's former ice business building across from the cemetery, west of Route 30 and just a few steps from where the proposed event barn has been sited. At a ZBA meeting in the Town Hall last Dec. 14, the new owners of the Barrows House were pilloried for over three hours by a small group and their lawyer for attempting to destroy their vision of a perfect Dorset by building a relatively small structure for weddings and events as an adjunct to a century-old hostelry which has recently been restored at considerable expense.

What a sad end to our town's long history of blending visitors, entrepreneurs, seasonal homeowners and local residents into the friendly community that it was within our memory.

Terry Tyler



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