Arlington Memorial Awards announced


ARLINGTON >> Arlington Memorial High School & Middle School hosted its annual Awards Night and Senior Night honoring students for their academic, athletic and community service achievements. Students received the following awards:

Arlington Memorial High School


President's Award to Seniors for Academic Excellence: Brandon Gamble, Devon Jamieson, Colin Lawler; President's Award to Seniors for Academic Achievement: Zachary Blum, Rowie Budde, Emily Lampron, Maggie Murphy; President's Award for Citizenship: Parker Blomberg, Zachary Blum, Brandon Gamble, Austin Hawley, Erin Kopeski, Riley Lane, Alex Paustian, Maggie Smith, Daniel Rhodes & Kaleigh Ward; Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership: Bailey Cross, Xandria Hoyt; International Student Recognition: Diego Garcia

Governor's Institutes of Vermont Recipients: Thomas Jayasankar, Katie McCartney and Sofie Pedemonti; Poetry Out Loud Competition State Semi-Finalist: Gracie Smith; Society of Women Engineers: Emily Lampron (Honor), Maggie Smith (High Honor), Jena Staab (Highest Honor); Southern Vermont College Book Award: Zachary Rogers; St. Michael's College Book Award for Academic Achievement with a Social Conscience: Maggie Smith; Student Sage Award: Riley Lane; Weston Playhouse Playwrights: Katheryn Berger, Rowie Budd; Young Writer's Conference at Champlain College: Gracie Smith


AMHS Valedictory Honors: Brandon Gamble; AMHS Salutatory Honors: Colin Lawler; AMHS Faculty Award: Rowie Budde;AMHS Honor Award: Charlie Crawford, Brandon Gamble, Devon Jamieson, Colin Lawler, Andrew Spencer; AMHS Outstanding Senior Athletes: Avery Bucchieri, Nathan Mattison; American Legion Post 69 Auxiliary Scholarship: Charlie Crawford, Emily Lampron; AP Scholar: Brandon Gamble; AP Scholar with Honors: Andrew Spencer; Arlington Garden Club Scholarship: Emily Lampron; Arlington Lions Club Scholarship: Janessa Hoyt, Nathan Mattison, Maggie Murphy; Arlington Nursing Association Scholarship: Charlie Crawford; Arlington Rescue Squad John Hannon Memorial Scholarship: Zachary Blum; Balfour Award: Brandon Gamble; Battenkill Grange Scholarship: Emily Lampron; Bob Keene Sportsmanship Award: Sean O'Dell; Buck Hard Scholar Athlete Award: Brandon Gamble; Carolyn Zambrello Memorial Scholarship: Rowie Budde; Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship: Emily Lampron; Daniel Maneely Scholarship: Brandon Gamble; Dorothy Canfield Fisher Awards: Charlie Crawford, Maggie Murphy; East Arlington Federated Church Scholarship: Charlie Crawford, Brandon Gamble, Austin Hawley, Emily Lampron, Colin Lawler, Nathan Mattison, Maggie Murphy; Elks Most Valuable Student Award: Brandon Gamble, Emily Lampron, Colin Lawler; Fisher Elementary Internship Award: Michelle O'Shea; Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary Scholarship: Charlie Crawford; Joe Corey Memorial Scholarship: Nathan Mattison, Maggie Murphy; John Werner Scholarship: Avery Bucchieri, Colin Lawler; John R. Wilson Trust: Nikkita Barber, Avery Bucchieri, Maggie Murphy; Julia M. Mears Award: Janessa Hoyt, Lucas Stroffoleno; Mack Molding Scholarship: Brandon Gamble; Mary Webb Masto Scholarship: Maggie Murphy; Miles Lumber Company Scholarship: Austin Hawley, Emily Lampron; Red Mountain Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Masons Scholarship: Devon Jamieson, Emily Lampron; Resourceful Recycling Environmental Scholarship: Emily Lampron; Roberta Housman Memorial Scholarship: Nikkita Barber, Zachary Blum, Charlie Crawford; Ruth Zimmer Award: Nikkita Barber; US Army Reserve Scholar Athletes: Brandon Gamble, Emily Lampron; US Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award: Austin Hawley, Maggie Murphy; US Marine Corps Excellence in Music Award: Brandon Gamble; US Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award: Brandon Gamble; UVM Green & Gold Scholarship: Brandon Gamble; Vermont Honor Scholarship: Emily Lampron; Vermont Principal's Association Award of Excellence: Shelby Baker, Zachary Blum; VFW Kelleher & West Scholarship: Maggie Murphy; William "Bud" Towne Scholarship: Zachary Blum

AMHS DEPARTMENT AWARDS: Art: Excellence Tim Farrell; Band: Excellence Desiree Dresser; Computer: Excellence Brandon Gamble & Maggie Smith; Chorus: Excellence Rowie Budde; English 9: Excellence Thomas Jayasankar, Effort Erin Kopeski; English 10: Excellence Jamie Keel, Effort Katheryn Berger; English 11: Excellence Maggie Smith, Effort Riley Lane; English 12: Excellence Colin Lawler, Effort Charlie Crawford; Fine Arts: Excellence Janessa Hoyt; Math: Algebra I: Excellence Arianna Barrios; Algebra II: Excellence Shaana Staab & Whitney Walsh; Geometry: Excellence Tess Belnap; Pre-Calculus: Excellence Thomas Jayasankar & Jamie Keel; AP Statistics: Excellence Sofie Pedemonti; AP Calculus: Excellence Diego Garcia & Jena Staab; Physical Education: Excellence Aimee Frank & Zachary Rogers; Science 12: Excellence Emily Lampron, Effort Charlie Crawford & Maggie Murphy;Science 11: Excellence Diego Garcia & Jena Staab, Effort Tim Farrell; Science 10: Excellence Jamie Keel, Effort Emily Blum; Science 9: Excellence Thomas Jayasankar & William Stewart, Effort Erin Kopeski, Katie McCartney & Shaana Staab; Social Studies: 20th Century American History: Excellence Emily Lampron; Honors Government & US History: Excellence Ricky Davis; World History: Excellence Logan Younce; World Languages: Department Awards: Chinese James Macksey, Spanish Emily Lampron; Chinese I: Excellence William Moore, Effort Riley Lane; Chinese II: Excellence Tess Belnap, Effort Daniel Rhodes; Chinese III: Excellence Shaana Staab, Effort Thomas Jayasankar; Spanish I: Excellence Rowie Budde, Effort Carolyn Crawford, Jared Lacoste & Mackenzie Paligo

Spanish II: Excellence Emily Calder, Effort Emily Blum & Gillian Calkins;Spanish III: Excellence Ricky Davis; Spanish IV: Excellence Jamie Keel; Arlington Middle School & Accelerated Academy; President's Award to Grade 8 for Academic Excellence: Arianna Barrios, Tess Belnap, Carolyn Crawford, Emma James, Mackenzie Paligo, Kirstin Vanderbilt & Kolby Wilkins; President's Award to Grade 8 for Academic Achievement: Christian Dresser & William Moore; Scholar Leaders: Arianna Barrios & Carolyn Crawford

Accelerated English: Excellence Tess Belnap, Effort Arianna Barrios; Accelerated Social Studies: Excellence Tess Belnap

Art: Excellence Audrianna Ennis; Band: Excellence Bryce Harrington; Chorus: Excellence Arianna Barrios & Carolyn Crawford; English 8: Excellence Carolyn Crawford, Effort Mackenzie Paligo; English 7: Excellence Lauren Travers, Effort Kaylee Bushee; English 6: Excellence Hayden Curtis, Effort Alorah Hoyt; Fine Arts: Excellence Dominic Whalen; Math 8: Effort Austin Weller; Math 7: Excellence Jason Bowen, Effort Lindsay Hoyt; Math 6: Excellence Emma Hoover & Cameron McDermott, Effort Arianna Class & Sophie Granger; Physical Education: Excellence Denita Moore & William Moore Science 8: Excellence Arianna Barrios & Mackenzie Paligo, Effort Carolyn Crawford, Nicolas Grupe & Kolby Wilkins;Science 7: Excellence Audrianna Ennis, Effort Evan Hosley; Science 6: Excellence Hayden Curtis, Kellie McCartney & Kolby Naaktgeboren, Effort Gabe Luce & Jacob S. Morse; Social Studies 8: Excellence Emma James;Social Studies 7: Excellence Adam Preiser; Social Studies 6: Excellence Jason Caggiano


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