Arlington Honor Roll

ARLINGTON - Arlington Memorial High School & Middle School and Arlington's Accelerated Academy have completed the second academic quarter and announced the following honors. To be named to the Honor Roll, students must meet grade-point average (GPA) requirements. Principal's Honors are given to students with the highest GPA in their class. The Accelerated Academy is an academic program within the Arlington Middle School for students who wish to challenge themselves through rigorous and advanced coursework and enrichment activities.

Grade 12 Principal's Honors: Jennah Lacoste High Honors: Rebecca Bushee, Joshua Criss, Duncan Gamble, Mazie Holton Honor Roll: Scott Pike, Rayleen Sherman, Alex Trayah Grade 11 Principal's Honors: Bhumika Patel High Honors: Chris Daniels, Cathy Farrell Honor Roll: Peter Gamble, DJ Jennings, Justin Katrick, Maddison Morse, Caitlin Saunders, Logan Wuerslin Grade 10 Principal's Honors: Hannah Andrew High Honors: Olivia Andrew, Molly Elwell, Anna Fischer, Jesse Keel, Lee Krulikowski, Tristan Phillips, Kate Reed, Torrie Saunders Honors: Brooke Hawley, Julia Lacoste Grade 9 Principal's Honors: Brandon Gamble High Honors: Shivang Patel, Brooke Therriault Honor Roll: Michael Caggiano, Charlie Crawford, Emily Lampron, Maggie Murphy, Andrew Spencer Accelerated Academy Grade 8 Principal's Honors: Maggie Smith Honors: John Jayasankar, Jacob Smith Grade 7 Principal's Honors: Katheryn Berger High Honors: Jamie Keel, Gracie Smith Honors: Kaleigh Ward Grade 6 Principal's Honors: Thomas Jayasankar High Honors: Lily Spencer, Shaana Staab, Garrett Ufnar Honors: Angela Caggiano, Anna Freebern, Florrie Hynds, Simon Metcalfe Grade 5 Principal's Honors: Tess Belnap Honors: Walter Berger Arlington Middle School Grade 8 Principal's Honors: Whitney Walsh High Honors: Riley Lane, Laurie Lonergan Honor Roll: Corey Borden, Timothy Farrell, Micaela Secoy Grade 7 Principal's Honors: Ricky Davis Honor Roll: Keyshawn King, Samuel Luciano, Saige Snow Grade 6 Principal's Honors: Erin Kopeski High Honors: Daniel Rhodes Honor Roll: Colleen Blomberg, Veronica Burgess, Alyssa Harrington, Kierstyn Hess, Thayer Hoyt, Brianna Morse, Tori Morse, Isabella Ward.

For more information about the Arlington School District, contact Principal Kerry Csizmesia at or 802-375-2589.


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