Arlington budget goes down, but amount to be raised by taxes increases


ARLINGTON >> According to selectboard chairman Keith Squires, while the town's budget is to decrease this year, the amount needed to be raised by taxes will increase slightly.

Squires said at the Feb. 1 board meeting that the amount to be raised by taxes will increase by $11,783, despite the budget remaining roughly level, dropping by $1,103. The reason for the change, Squires said, was that the board had decreased the diesel fuel portion of the budget by about $15,000, and increased spending in other necessary areas to make up that difference. However, the diesel fuel line item was also attached to revenue, in the form of income from the schools, who would purchase some of that oil from the town. This income was worth about $11,000 annually. "It's basically right in that one diesel fuel area that created that," he said, "That's the explanation for that, because it does look weird, at least to me."

Squires said that the areas the budget increased were mostly cost increases, such as health insurance for town employees, that the board had no control over. Board member Cynthia Brownell agreed, "I think we did the best we could," she said.

Dave Naaktgeboren of the Arlington Parks and Recreation Committee also reported to the board that his committee had completed their fundraising efforts for new basketball and tennis courts. "Back in August we gave you a check for $42,812," he said, "and tonight we'd like to give you the rest of what was there, which $1,598.97. That's what we were able to raise, and contribute to, and give over for that project."

Brownell thanked the committee for its hard work. "You did a great job," she said, "It's very impressive."

Arlington Select Board meetings are broadcast on Greater Northshire Access Television, and are available for viewing on demand at their website,

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