Appeal favored

To the Editor:

I applaud Mr. Drunsic's appeal of Starbucks.

I'm certain that many of us would like as few as possible national chains in Manchester be it restaurant or hotel. We really want to have a look at a Hampton Inn - it will further erode the character of the town. I would much rather see a person buy a cup of coffee from a small entrepreneur and stay at a mom and pop motel.

As I've previously stated, Homer Ellis, the former president of Factory Point National Bank, told me two things: "The men with the gold make the rules," and "They, a lot of the people moving up here want to make it like where they came from."

In some ways Manchester is a microcosm of the country: The wealthy 1 percent is taking over the whole place. One developer owns most of the outlets in Manchester. His wife says this is not an "outlet town." Ha, ha. Yes, Manchester has much other than outlets, but when you drive through the center all you see are outlets and tourists and locals refer to it as an "outlet town."

Seems like Mr. Keelan and Mr. Dubois would be happy to have their entire center filed with national fast food restaurants.

Another word about Mr. Drunsic. a friend of mine needed to have her car fixed, but didn't have sufficient funds. Auto angels, Mr. Drunsic, provided the money. Congrats to him for being a real Vermonter.

Bernie for President.

Leonard Dubrow



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