Apparent Sandgate explosion rattles, baffles residents

SANDGATE -- A loud noise that shook windows and walls in the area of Tudor Road last Saturday remains a mystery.

Arlington Fire Departmen Chief Jamie Paustian said that on Feb. 16 at approximately 8 p.m. his department was called to a reported "explosion." He said four fire trucks and 23 volunteers were dispatched to the area. "We looked and we didn't find anything blown up," Paustian said.

The 23 fire department personnel knocked on doors around Tudor Road, Woodcock Hill, and Sandgate Road, and spoke to many people that heard the noise, but could find nothing to explain it. Paustian said one person thought their furnace had exploded, the noise was so loud.

A Sandgate resident who spoke to the Banner on condition of anonymity said the sound startled many people and has them worried over safety. "We thought a tree had fallen on our house," she said.

Theories ranging from a meteorite, to a jet, to a meth lab, to bigfoot playing with firecrackers were suggested by visitors to the Banner's Facebook page.

Paustian said he knows of nothing in nature that would likely cause such a sound and said it was likely man-made.

According to those interviewed, this is not the first time a loud sound like this one has been heard but it is the first time the department has been contacted. Paustian said one theory being explored was that the sound came from a home-made cannon, but no evidence of that has been located. He said the matter was referred to Vermont State Police.

Local VSP personnel confirmed having been notified of the matter but did not release more information.

Paustian said his department's investigation has stopped but if they are called again they will investigate, and if damage is discovered then arson investgators from the VSP may be contacted.

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