Answer to a question

To the Editor:

I feel I must comment on Ms. Whitaker's letter to you in the August 15th edition and particularly answer her question "where does affordable housing come from?" Ms. Whitaker, it comes from just down the road from the restaurant which you co-own! It is in Jennifer Lane where Bennington Area Habitat for Humanity has completed four affordable homes and is con structing two more right now.

We will eventually be building at least 11 homes in Jennifer Lane.

Our construction support comes from wonderful volunteers consisting of contractors, architects, students, local businesses, chur ches and colleges and much needed financial support from shop owners, banks, other businesses; also from several foundations and many caring individuals not just from here but all over the country, for example our great 12-person Global Village team which was here helping build two weeks ago. Our new ReSale store just uphill from Ms. Whitaker's Brasserie L'Oustau is also a valuable contributor to our important mission.

Affordable housing comes from all around you, Ms. Whitaker. We welcome your support.

David Nichols

Board Member and Chair, Resource Development Committee



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