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To the Editor:

I would like to thank John McClaughry for his well-presented letter in the Oct. 18 issue of the Manchester Journal.

I was surprised by Richard Scribner, PhD., writing such a disparaging response to Mr. McClaughry in last week's Letters to Editor. Dr. Scribner will defend the United Nation's panel (The intergovernmental panel on Climate Change) against any other findings, but there are many other articles and books by reputable scientists who provide substance to Mr. McClaughry's position on this important issue. Time Magazine recently noted that ice is reforming in the Arctic.

Also, we are increasingly made aware of an inconvenient fact that Dr. Scribner would ignore; the increasing warming trend has been in arrest for the past 20 years. This does not fit in with the predictions of the ruling ideology.

In its latest report this year the IPCC never mentioned this fact.

I would ask the readers to refer to the advertisement which is printed elsewhere in this issue of The Journal and is titled "No Need to Worry about Climate Change."

Please; especially notice the names and affiliations of the 16 scientists who signed this opinion piece.

These are scientists and institutions which Dr. Scribner would dismiss as contributors to "skewed and discredited claptrap."

I will expect Dr. Scribner's ire to be expressed against the Wall Street Journal ("McClaughry, seeming apologist for the fossil fuel industry"), but the credentials of the above-mentioned scientists is incontrovertible.

Janet Saint Germain



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