An opportunity for Bennington County


To the Editor:

No matter which Shire you call home, we all are aware of the challenges our region is facing and want to see Bennington County thrive again. There is substantial work to be done to bring buoyancy back to our towns and villages, our business communities and our regional landscape. Forward momentum will require commitment, energy and resources in many forms. How can Bennington County collectively take action? We can vote in a respected legislative and business leader, Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott, as our next Governor. His plans for re-building an affordable, prosperous Vermont are sensible and achievable and provide the right direction for our state.

Phil Scott is keen to offer Bennington County assistance and support. He has met with a number of businesses, civic groups and community organizations throughout the County this year, listening and learning about our strengths and our needs. Our area will have an advocate in Montpelier if he is elected Governor. He wants to help us build the new baseline that Southern Vermont needs to prosper. Please join me in supporting his candidacy for Governor of Vermont on or before August 9 in the Republican Primary and on November 8 in the General Election.

Scott wants to get Vermont back on track and growing again. He is ready to tackle affordability issues around housing, education and the cost of living. A veteran Legislator known for his decency, fairness and consensus building skills, he creates common ground in the Statehouse to get things done. A small business owner, he understands firsthand that sector's pressures. His call to increase the state's population to 700,000 by 2026 is spot on. Focusing that growth on young professionals and new families is astute. Rightsizing state bureaucracy and curbing incessant, increasingly cloying taxation is refreshing. Finally, he appreciates that our natural resources and working lands are precious assets that enhance and extend the Vermont brand beyond our borders.

A prosperous Bennington County that can once again be a beacon of opportunity, a fully functioning Gateway to the Green Mountains, a destination that embodies the tagline that "Vermont Starts Here" - that's what we all want and Phil Scott wants that for us too. He recognizes the current challenges in our region as well as the value in its potential. He will fight for a better Bennington County. Scott has the experience, discipline and tenacity to help get us from here to there. That is why he is getting my vote. I hope he gets yours too.

Liz Ruffa

East Dorset


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