An observation

To the Editor:

Last week, the Manchester Journal had an article on the departure of the Panda Garden. It addressed the many rumors about the restaurant's departure, without insight into the truth of the rumors or the reasons for the closing. This week, there is a big article on the application by Hampton Inn to take over the whole site. It notes that the other businesses on the side were already empty. Seems like there was no mystery at all.

Another lease lost, again,as was the case with the Sirloin Saloon, for one of the most visited food spots in the town. It has to hurt business in the downtown area. And, while we are at it, discussions in the paper about the arrival of Starbucks note that it will bring lots of people to town.

Starbucks is a coffee shop. Can't imagine many driving ten or many more miles to get coffee or even specialty coffee. Where is this thinking coming from?

Stuart Titer



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