American Amnesia

To the Editor:

American Amnesia Following the debates between the Presidential candidates, polls have indicated that more Americans are finding a reason to vote for Governor Romney. The prospect of a Republican administration leads me to wonder: do Americans have amnesia? Don't we remember what happens when Republicans run the country? Look back just a few years to the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz years.

What were the characteristics of that Republican mentality? 1. Government, taxes, government-run social programs and regulations are all bad ideas. They should be reduced, eliminated or drastically altered.

1. The free market is the only process that works. If people starve, that's their fault. If they don't save enough to retire, that's their problem. If businesses harm a few people here or there, sooner or later competition will fix things up.

1. The military is good. Toughness is good. Negotiation is weakness.

Invading middle-eastern countries is a good idea. Water-boarding works.

Deceiving the American public is acceptable.

1. Medical care is not a right, it's a privilege. It's one of the rewards for having enough money to buy it. Same with health insurance. Wealth bestows the right to be healthier and to live longer. States should be able to determine for themselves whether their citizens deserve health insurance.

1. Tax cuts are good, even when they cause budget deficits. Pledges not to raise taxes under any circumstances are good. Restoring tax rates to levels that would fund government programs must be denied. Trickle-down economics works. Keynes was wrong.

1. Science is bad, even though it has doubled human life expectancy in the last century. Scripture is better, particularly the parts supporting particular conservative views.

1. Government investment in infrastructure should be postponed as long as possible, preferably after a bridge collapses.

The last time a Republican administration proposed any constructive solutions to our nation's problems, it was the Nixon administration's Clean Air and Clean Water laws.

It will take decades for our country to recover from eight recent years of bad Republican ideas during the Bush administration, followed by four years of "our number one goal is to make sure Obama is a one-term President." Why would we want to have Republicans run the country again?

Roger Squire Dorset


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