Also in the race

To the Editor: The press will say that the reason for their lack of interest in my platform and candidacy for Governor is based on the lack of poll numbers. It must be obvious to any thinking person that poll numbers can only be honestly developed after public scrutiny, not before. Article after article the press frames the election as a challenge to Shumlin's seat by Brock. During my outreach, people across the state are excited by my platform, and are much more pleased than not by my independent status. I am certain many of them would like to vote for me, but numbers of those will not want to waste their vote on someone who cannot win because the press will not put my platform up for broad public scrutiny. Just about everyone I meet wants money out of politics. The vision of electing a Governor of Vermont that does not accept campaign donations is a happy one for the majority. I challenge the premise that any leader can make unbiased decisions while concurrently accepting campaign donations.

Maybe the press has yet to recognize the mood in this State. It has yet to reach out to me for interviews, and chances are when it does, its coverage will be minimal and dismissive.

My platform is comprehensive and copes with the economy by bringing more money into circulation to work with. I often do my best to write the bullet points of the platform in these letters, but really, unless the press will bring it to you in the numbers of ways they are suited to do, it comes across like an army square meal; way too compacted and none of it expanded on. I must suffice it to say the principle components are based on established successes. To win this election I need 130,000 votes that are not tampered with. I want those votes. How could they come ? Given the problem with the press and the growing use of Diebold machines in Vermont, it seems impossible. Someone left the slip from a fortune cookie on my kitchen table, it reads: "Truly great accomplishments were at one time considered impossible."

Emily Peyton

Independent candidate for Governor



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