A new playground

To the Editor: Last weekend, after four days of back-breaking work by over 100 volunteers, a new playground at Flood Brook Elementary School in Londonderry was completed. On the last day, a bedraggled Jenny Freeman blurted out, "How can I possibly thank all the people in the area who gave their time and treasure to make all this possible?" Okay, Jenny, thanking all those folks would be terrific. . . and should be done. But who is going to thank you - who spear-headed fund-raising (of over $200,000). . . got the entire school involved. . . managed a maze of logistics. . . worked with the playground supplier in Pennsylvania, organized food for all the volunteers. . . solicited heavy equipment from locals. Jenny Freeman, this entire community owes you a huge debt - for creating a fabulous playground for everyone and anyone in the area. . . one that will no doubt last decades.

Jenny, a big hug and kiss from everyone in the mountain towns.

Bob Wells

South Londonderry


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