A Fresh Start

To the Editor:

After numerous discussions inside the walls of the Winhall Market I have come up with the following plan to get America out of the friggin' financial mess we started getting ourselves into some 50 years ago. Starting Tomorrow. . . . . . . . . . . . . The United States should declare bankruptcy. We spend more money on debt service than on any other item in the budget. We need a fresh start. Believe it or not the countries that we go Chapter 7 on will still do business with us.

Stop all payments to any foreign country unless we are getting something of equal value in return.

- Pull our military out of all countries where we are engaged.

- Keeping only the ones needed for our National Security.

- Then stay out of everyone else business.

- Congress will get the same Health and Pension benefits as the rest of America. They will no longer get their salaries as a pension after serving two terms. Anyone getting a Welfare Check will be required to take a random drug test.

- Anyone getting a Welfare Check will be assigned a job befitting their abilities. This could be a school crossing guard, helping in a hospital or whatever.

- Every Taxpaying American Citizen will receive a debit card with $ 1,000 on it. This can only be used to purchase a product excluding booze and cigarettes. This is a use it or lose it plan and monthly it will be replenished. It cannot be used to reduce someone's debt load. America will start rebuilding our own infrastructure. Schools, hospitals, housing, etc. in lieu of doing it in other countries.

- Taxes. . . we will do away with the current triple tax system (income, sales and estate taxes). We will go to a consumption tax instead. You may invite me to dinner anytime to discuss this in greater detail.

Andy Gluss



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