3SquaresVT can help buy healthy food

VERMONT - For older Vermonters, good nutrition is very important. It helps them stay active and helps prevent sickness. The high costs of food, fuel and health care are making it hard for many seniors to put good food on the table. 3SquaresVT can help.

3SquaresVT helps people stretch their food budget and buy more food. It comes as a monthly dollar benefit either on a debit card called an EBT card or as cash directly deposited into a person's bank account.

Older Vermonters who take part are not taking money away from others in need. Anyone who qualifies can receive benefits; there is enough for everyone. Plus, spending benefits in Vermont adds money to the economy, which helps support local grocers asnd farmers - something that is both good for individuals and the state. Elders with gross incomes below 185 percent of federal poverty levels do not have a resource limit, so savings don't count. The 185 percent income limit is $1,723 for a single person or $2,268 for a couple. People who have an income over these numbers could still be eligible. If they are, they have a resource limit, but their house, car, and retirement savings do not count as resources. The 3SquaresVT benefit will not count as income either, so a person's eligibility for other programs like Medicare will not be at risk.

Many Vermonters are facing challenges right now. Everyone needs access to healthy food, and 3SquaresVT is here to help. One in six Vermonters take part, including thousands of senior citizens.

For more information or an application, visit www.vermontfoodhelp.com or call the Vermont Senior HelpLine at 1-800-642-5119.


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