To the Editor:

I read in the newspaper that VT DCF (Dept. of Children and Families) and the administration here in Vermont were given more time to come up with a plan to fix its problems. With several committees and other recent input specifically for that purpose why the delay? Getting more suggestions from the public is not the answer. It appears that the state government agency and administration have no solutions or ideas for a plan to reorganize.

The American Humane Association is an agency that specializes in doing exactly what is needed here. The AHA trains child welfare staff and administrators and is the best at dealing with dysfunctional state agencies like DCF. They can provide all the expertise needed to fix DCF. At children/professional-resources /training-professional anyone can find out about the training. More input and committees are not necessary.

Moving ahead now is what's needed.

Tom King


Tom King states he is a 20 year veteran of Vermont Child Protective Services.