To the Editor:

"Subway provides a great service and product. There is a void in town they would be filling." "Other businesses will reap the benefits of Subway. There's a lot of discussion about (local business). . . . the nationals carry the mom and pops, people drop into town pursuing the nationals and they find the mom and pops (stores." Not certain there would be many people in town who would agree with Mr. Dubois.

There is no void in the area of what Subway provides.

People don't come to Manchester to see a Subway, much less be a patron.

Most of us, I think, would prefer as few chain restaurants as possible since Manchester is about mom and pops manned by Manchesterites. People come to Vermont to escape from the "nationals" that envelop the whole country.

Vermont is not like the rest of most of the world which is why people visit and those of us who live here love Vermont.

Appears to be another scheme by a developer to enrich himself, invent a bogus cover story, and reduce the Vermontness of Manchester.

Leonard Dubrow Manchester