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    How Town Meeting has Changed

    03/25/2015 03:40 PM EDT
    It is not uncommon among nonprofit organizations, once they have put on an event, to have a recap meeting soon after to review how to improve things for a subsequent event. I have often wondered if towns and villages throughout Vermont give any 
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    In Vermont, Small Government Requires More Public Vigilance
    03/25/2015 03:31 PM EDT - Editor's note: The following blog post is one of seven that the New England First Amendment Coalition published during Sunshine Week, highlighting the need for government transparency and addressing freedom of information concerns throughout the New Full Story

    All In For Clean Water?
    03/24/2015 02:26 PM EDT - H. 35 contains an ambitious plan to clean up Vermont waters with new regulations, expanded programs, additional staff, and taxes and fees to finance it all. The funding in H.35 and additional funding from state bonds will be used to match millions Full Story

    In Defense of Gerrymandering
    03/24/2015 10:11 AM EDT -

    "We are in the business of rigging elections," says former North Carolina State Senator Mark McDaniel (R), referring to the role of state legislators in the redistricting process.

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    Forced Consolidation vs. Going Independent
    03/24/2015 09:48 AM EDT - Last November, Vermonters sent a loud and clear message to Montpelier to fix Vermont's education financing system and lower our property tax burden. The response now coming out of the legislature is based on mandatory consolidation of school Full Story

    The Historical Causes of Vermont's Educational Spending Problem
    03/19/2015 11:52 AM EDT - The Vermont Legislature appears to be ready to deal with the problem of rising property taxes — or at least to appear to be doing something to deal with the problem. Whatever plan the Legislature comes up with is unlikely to succeed unless Full Story

    Antonin Scalia, S.J.
    03/19/2015 11:52 AM EDT - By Andrew Torre I know U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia. Not personally, but better than that. We come from the same place: first-generation Italian-Americans raised in Queens, NYC, and educated by Jesuits. Full Story

    21st Century Education – It's Time
    03/19/2015 11:52 AM EDT - The bad news is that Governor Shumlin and legislative leaders believe that Vermonters want to give Montpelier even more power over the education of our children. And, worse, they do not believe a reform of the funding system is in order. Full Story

    The Manchester Journal
    03/12/2015 02:38 PM EDT - In Defense of the Rich It's quite apparent, that Vermont's U.S. Senator, Bernie Sanders, given a lectern, will do his all to berate millionaires and billionaires, the rich. And in making this his life's mission, he has legions of followers, Full Story

    Update from Montpelier
    03/03/2015 03:14 PM EST - We are not alone. The entire House of Representatives is faced with dramatic fiscal residual problems begun during the great recession. For a number of years Vermont used federal money to replace declining state revenues. Full Story

    Grandma is a centerfold: Rest home bares all for calendar

    AKRON, Ohio (AP) — A charity calendar featuring women in their 80s and 90s from an Ohio assisted living facility is opening more than a few eyes. Full Story
    (Patti Perret/AP)
    DreamWorks' 'Home' bests 'Get Hard' at box office with $54M

    NEW YORK (AP) — The DreamWorks animated alien adventure "Home" beat out the Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart comedy "Get Hard" at the box office, but both films debuted strongly. Full Story
    'The Sopranos' Drea De Matteo loses New York home in explosion

    'Modern Family’ actress Sarah Hyland grew up across the street from buildings that burned and collapsed in accident caused by gas and plumbing work.