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  • Some Gave All - 05/25/2015 03:54 PM EDT
    At Best, New Education Tax Law is Unfair

    05/22/2015 04:16 PM EDT
    In addition to pushing up property taxes in many towns, the education reform bill passed in the closing days of the session violates a fundamental principle of fairness in Vermont's education funding system: towns with the same education spending 
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    Will Memorial Day Kick Off a Strong Summer?
    05/22/2015 09:01 AM EDT - Brace yourself for a crowded holiday weekend. This year the kick-off to the summer season will see 37.2 million Americans take to the roads. It will be the strongest volume in travel in over a decade. And the summer is only beginning. Full Story

    Profoundly Imperfect Progress?
    05/19/2015 12:20 PM EDT - The 2015 Legislative Session is over. I see a pattern in which useful actions are combined with ill-advised or reckless actions. I will hit some highlights here. Feel free to contact me with your email or regular mail address at cbrowning@leg. Full Story

    Rob Roper: Bernie Begs The Question
    05/18/2015 07:06 PM EDT - Love him or hate him, one has to concede that Bernie Sanders has had a tremendous impact on the political direction of Vermont over the past a quarter century plus. His influence has reverberated throughout the Green Mountains and in our State House. Full Story

    Has It Become Too Complicated?
    05/18/2015 04:14 PM EDT - It appears that this year's session of the Vermont Legislature has had to endure a substantial number of bills. One must wonder is it possible for our elected legislators to give the proper attention to such complex matters? Full Story

    The Millennials and Money
    05/14/2015 04:55 PM EDT - Recent studies indicate our nation's youth are not investing in the stock markets. That's nothing new. It takes a rare individual under the age of thirty to have the wisdom to invest at a young age. For those who do, their future could be golden. Full Story

    Vermont's Education Problem — Still!
    05/13/2015 09:35 AM EDT - For most of the many years I've been in Vermont, the education/property tax issue has been front and center — and is still unresolved. The biggest stumbling block seems be "local control" — an ostensibly democratic process with an Full Story

    On Towards Adjournment
    05/11/2015 09:57 AM EDT - This appears to be the final week of the legislative session for the first part of the 2015/2016 biennium. In this Legislative Notebook I will share a few of the bills we tackled last week and then briefly touch upon what will have been before us Full Story

    A Difficult Time Finding Volunteers
    05/07/2015 12:44 PM EDT - A Vermont treasure has been and continues to be its legions of volunteers who give their time and effort to non-profits, school functions, municipal boards, religious events, and to fire and rescue departments. Full Story

    Progress and Pitfalls in Health Reform
    05/05/2015 02:15 PM EDT - The House has passed S.139, An Act Related to Health Care, to govern health reform initiatives for this session. The bill will continue to change as it goes back to the Senate so the final version will likely be different from what is discussed Full Story

    Who? Townshend, Springsteen, Daltrey jam at NYC event

    NEW YORK (AP) — Bruce Springsteen called Pete Townshend "the greatest rhythm guitarist of all-time," told a story about attending his first Who concert as a pimply-faced teenager, and joined Townshend and surprise guest Roger Daltrey onstage for a rocking set. Full Story
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    Lindsay Lohan is finally off probation

    'Mean Girls’ actress finished community service hours in a rush of work in recent weeks.