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    Taking credit where it's not due

    10/02/2015 02:54 PM EDT
    Do you believe that Vermont is on the right track to prosperity and affordability? That's an important question. Your answer is probably indicative of who you've voted for throughout the past several election cycles. 
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    Act 46 — Is it the change Vermonters wanted?
    10/02/2015 02:21 PM EDT - As Vermont students settle into their classrooms this year, I have read in report after report the frustrations and anger Vermont teachers, parents, and families are experiencing as a result of the education reform law, Act 46, passed by the Full Story

    Take a closer look
    10/01/2015 12:04 PM EDT - Sen. Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, is the junior senator from Vermont, the state that could plausibly claim the title of the most progressive in the union. Whatever the cause du jour—gay rights, a $15 minimum wage, labeling Full Story

    The world immigration crisis
    10/01/2015 10:42 AM EDT - Throngs of Africans are risking their lives, with many dying, as they move north across the seas in shabby boats headed for Europe. Millions of Middle Easterners, uprooted by war and lost homes, are fleeing west through Greece, the Balkans, and Full Story

    From Montford Point to Iraq
    09/28/2015 04:46 PM EDT - In Vermont, from early May through October, the state's many golf courses provide for scores of tournaments on behalf of nonprofit organizations. On Sept. 9, one such tournament was held in Manchester at the Manchester Country Club. Full Story

    Wind turbines: What you can't hear
    09/28/2015 04:44 PM EDT - What do you think of when you think of an industrial wind project? Wind developers want you to think of free, green electricity. People who live near industrial wind turbines think of noise. Let's see why. Full Story

    Paid sick leave a cynical issue for 2016
    09/28/2015 04:36 PM EDT - At a recent press conference Governor Shumlin and Speaker of the House (and gubernatorial candidate) Shap Smith, flanked by some "socially responsible" businesses called for a new law mandating that all employees offer a paid sick leave benefit to Full Story

    A fork in the road
    09/24/2015 04:13 PM EDT - We've been a nation divided for as long as I can remember. Having been born in 1951 I missed the unity years during and after WWII. The world in which I was raised witnessed the Viet Nam War. The war mongers were selling fear of Communists, who Full Story

    Mind the skills gap, please
    09/18/2015 09:56 AM EDT - As the unemployment rate drops toward full employment, the growing skills gap between business and labor is becoming a huge problem in this country. Fully 80 percent of manufacturers and small business owners can't find qualified staff. Full Story

    Act 46: Not a solution
    09/17/2015 12:43 PM EDT - Vermonters and taxpayers will be stunned by Act 46 come the fiscal 2017 school budget cycle that starts in earnest this Fall. Act 46 is a poorly constructed legislative initiative of state enforced school consolidation with debilitating effects on Full Story