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    Supermarkets evolve to survive

    07/31/2015 11:45 AM EDT
    We take our local supermarkets for granted. Like gas stations, there seems to one on almost every corner, at least in suburbia. With competition from a variety of sources, supermarkets have been forced to reinvent themselves and are doing a good job 
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    Why Bernie is wrong on Citizens United
    07/31/2015 10:48 AM EDT - "A handful of billionaires own a significant part of the wealth of America and have enormous control over our economy. What the Supreme Court did in Citizens United is to say to these same billionaires: 'You own and control the economy, you own Wall Full Story

    Repeal Vermont's Certificate of Need Laws
    07/28/2015 05:23 PM EDT - We need to lower the cost of health care in Vermont, and the state, dealing with a structural budget deficit, doesn't have the capacity to raise more taxes. So, what can we do? One simple, cost-free solution is to repeal Vermont's Certificate of Full Story

    Embezzlement continues to flourish
    07/27/2015 05:47 PM EDT - Certain sectors of the Vermont economy have not recovered to pre-Great Recession levels – notably, new residential construction, as well as manufacturing. However, there is one sector which has even advanced – the embezzlement sector. Full Story

    Financial fly fishing
    07/27/2015 05:43 PM EDT - I'm an investment advisor and a fly fisherman. I laugh sometimes because my two passions are subjects which people tend to spin tall tales about. Stories about bigger than average fish and bigger than average investment returns are as common as snow Full Story

    The European Union Disunion
    07/23/2015 12:01 PM EDT - The process of social, ethnic, and territorial integration is progressive and inevitable — as confirmed by world history. It reflects the commonality of humanity and the fact that cooperation is the best guarantor of well-being; it obviates Full Story

    Without Standards, Nothing is Unethical
    07/23/2015 12:01 PM EDT - In a recent exchange between the Vermont GOP and Democratic Party, we see a prime example of how a lack of comprehensive ethical standards devolves a legitimate discussion into partisan rancor. In short, Governor Shumlin has appointed the wife of an Full Story

    Why Negotiate?
    07/17/2015 04:32 PM EDT -  Full Story

    When"no" means "yes"
    07/17/2015 04:32 PM EDT - A Greek referendum less than two weeks ago delivered a resounding "no" when voters were asked to approve the European Community's austerity ultimatum in exchange for a new bailout. While Grecians danced in the streets, global markets tumbled, but Full Story

    Dr. Welther, country doctor
    07/13/2015 01:14 PM EDT - On September 1, 2015, Arlington and the surrounding communities of Sandgate and Sunderland will no longer be able to travel to the center of the Village of Arlington and visit their local doctor — something they have been doing since 1988. Full Story

    Longtime NPR literary critic Alan Cheuse dies at 75

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Alan Cheuse, a longtime literary critic whose reviews and commentary were featured on National Public Radio for more than 25 years, has died at age 75. Full Story
    J.J. Abrams broke his back filming 'Star Wars'

    The 'Star Wars: Episode VII -- The Force Awakens' director reveals to Jon Stewart how the Millennium Falcon door that injured Harrison Ford on set also broke Abrams' back.