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    What just happened with Act 46?

    02/08/2016 12:52 PM EST
    Last Spring, Vermont lawmakers wrote Act 46, a new law designed to control education spending — which has been driving up property taxes across the state for years, despite a decline in the number of students. 
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    Divestment of fossil fuels is a bad policy
    02/08/2016 11:33 AM EST - Since January Governor Peter Shumlin has been pressuring state pension fund managers and lawmakers to sell off coal and Exxon/Mobil holdings. The Governor says (now) this policy is necessary to combat climate change. Full Story

    The View From My Place: This Land Is (just) My Land
    02/05/2016 01:33 PM EST - "This land is your land This land is my land This land was made for you and me " — Woody Guthrie Until January 2, 2016 few people had heard of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon; but we know about it now. Full Story

    Graves Registry: The same old Sarah
    02/05/2016 01:33 PM EST - I'm sure that many of us had the same reaction to the prospect of Sarah Palin's reentering the national scene that the child in "Poltergeist" had when she saw the vengeful spirits of the dead on her family's television screen. Full Story

    Legislative Update
    02/04/2016 04:03 PM EST - The first month of the legislative session is typically very quiet, but this year it has been anything but subdued. As you may have heard, there had been considerable pressure to soften an interim education cost containment mechanism that was build Full Story

    Marijuana legalization: Just say no
    02/04/2016 09:14 AM EST - The epidemic of drug addiction and overdoses gripping Vermont, and our country at large, cries out for reform. We must change the perception that jail is an effective treatment for the disease of drug addiction, and give mental health issues the Full Story

    10 Steps to fix the state budget
    02/02/2016 05:00 PM EST - Bruce Lisman Vermont's state budget is in trouble. Everyone knows that state spending can't continually grow faster than Vermonters' paychecks. Yet our politicians keep making the same mistake year after year. Full Story

    Balanced basics for economic development
    02/02/2016 04:39 PM EST - Economic Development is a perennial topic in policy discussions and political campaigns. There is substantial agreement that state policies should create conditions that support growing business activity and job creation. Full Story

    Will anyone be willing to serve?
    02/02/2016 04:34 PM EST - "Unless we take care of today's Veterans, their DNA will not step-up and serve." This profound statement was made by Colonel Patrick Guinee, Wing Commander of the Vermont Air National Guard, in his keynote address last September at the 2015 Vermont Full Story

    The Manchester Journal
    02/02/2016 03:58 PM EST - The last week of January in the Vermont House of Representatives was a wild one as we focused on Budget Adjustment and on Education Reform. The Budget Adjustment package makes mid-year corrections to spending to meet the needs of Vermonters. Full Story