• Stepping Stones - 07/24/2014 11:49 AM EDT
  • Cyclist takes on Lyme . . . literally - 07/24/2014 12:56 PM EDT
  • 'Road Pitch' to stop in town - 07/24/2014 12:15 PM EDT
  • Doing the right thing - 07/24/2014 11:55 AM EDT
    Let's not just say yes but work to make things better

    07/24/2014 12:21 PM EDT
    The proposed Hampton Inn and retail store development is being fast-tracked. Beware. Something has gone terribly awry with the review process here. 
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    The lethal attack on education
    07/24/2014 10:49 AM EDT - Charter schools are proliferating throughout the country in response to the alleged failures of public schools - especially with the underprivileged. Full Story

    Unintended Consequences
    07/22/2014 05:00 PM EDT - I am a free marketeer. I believe - and even love -- competition. I believe the American people are blessed with the right to do things not harmful to others and not harmful to the environment. I believe in the future of America, Vermont, and Manchester. Full Story

    Buy local, except for state gov't
    07/17/2014 01:03 PM EDT - For a number of years we have been peppered with ads that encourage us to 'buy local.'  Full Story

    1,400 years and counting
    07/17/2014 01:01 PM EDT - This is how long the sectarian conflict between Sunni and Shiite Muslims has been going on and which, continues to this very day. Full Story

    Surgeons in India remove 232 teeth from teen

    MUMBAI, India (AP) — Dental surgeons in India's largest city say they have removed 232 small "tooth-like structures" from the mouth of a teenage boy with a rare medical condition. Full Story
    BSkyB to take over Italian, German pay TV networks

    LONDON (AP) — London-based satellite broadcaster BSkyB has announced agreements to purchase Sky Italia and 57 percent of Sky Deutschland from 21st Century Fox. Full Story
    (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)
    Surprise! Justin Bieber in news for his music

    The troubled singer releases clips of 11 new tracks on Instagram, hinting at prospect of new album.