MANCHESTER - The grand list for the town of Manchester has been released. Pauline Moore, town assessor, said there is both good news and bad news in the list.

"We're still a billion dollar town," she said, referencing the total amount of the grand list.

The Grand List is the total assessed value of all taxable property, as determined by the town's Assessor.

The total number of the grand list comes in at $1,202409,899. According to Moore, this is a less than one percent decrease from last year. The 2013 total was $1,212,970491.

The bad news, she said, is the grand list has lost $160,000,000 since 2008. Condominium prices, she said, have seen the biggest drop in price since 2008, falling 21 percent.

While homes are still selling, Moore said the problem is that the homes on the high and low end are selling, with the homes in the middle sitting.