Fruit fly, don't bother me

Life Hack: Are fruit flies invading your kitchen filled with spring's bounty? Get rid of those pesky flies with common household items.

How it works: Fill a shallow bowl with vinegar — I use apple cider vinegar — and tightly cover the bowl with Saran wrap. Using a fork or a pencil, poke small holes in the taut Saran wrap. Set bowl in a cool, dark corner of your kitchen and check back the next day.

How it actually worked: The idea is that the smell of the vinegar will draw in the little buggers, causing them to crawl through the tiny holes and drown. I was skeptical at first, but after emptying the bowl the next morning and finding at least 10 fruit flies floating in the vinegar, I'm a believer.

Life changing?: Yes! Pesky fruit flies be gone. Though, your kitchen will smell like vinegar for a few days.

— Lindsey Hollenbaugh, Features Editor